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The Stahl Family














The Stahl family about 1955 before baby Mike was  born. Point to each person to see the  identity of that person. (Sorry Mikey!)  Click here to see a more recent picture.

Mike    Later addition to the family--Mike.

Family faces are magic mirrors.  Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and   future.  
--Gail Lumet Buckley

Family News and addresses updated February 07,2010

Familly pictures taken at the family dinner before Mother's funeral can be seen on the  Stahl Family Albums by clicking this link.
or clicking on the link in the address bar.  If you have more pictures you would like to add please send them to me.

Read Sherman's tribute to Uncle Randa Stahl.

Also read Mikaela's story about Grandpa (Berne) on the Berne & Frankie page.

Look!  Family members can now view the Address Book and Family News.  Forgot your user name and password?  Ask me what it is?

 Send me your brags, news, prayer concerns, etc.


Homemade Pie Like Momma Used to Make

The Stahl Family Recipe exchange:

Send in your favorite recipe to share with the rest
of the family.  Click here to see the Recipe Book.

Click here to submit your favorite recipe.

Read the story  "Before Plainview was a Town".

To read the Family Prayer click here. V&Y


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